MISSION STATEMENTredefy’s goal is to boldly defy stereotypes, embrace acceptance and tolerance, redefine our perspectives positively, and create an active community.

(courtesy of https://redefy.org/about/)

The foundation of redefy

Founded by 17-year-old, Princeton-based Ziad Ahmed in 2013, redefy attempts to fight against stereotypes people face everyday, whether it be of race, gender, age, and many more. There’s injustice across the world, and so is the need to fight for social justice. With the spread through social media and campaigning, we believe in the capability to defy stereotypes and positively change humanity’s perspectives.

Its implementation in South Korea

When she encountered the presence of this student-led organisation, Jennifer Ko felt the sizzling passion and the necessity to bring about changes regarding social justice specifically in her society. Ever since she personally experienced racial stereotypes in a rather secluded environment in a different continent, there was always something in her mind that told her to take actions: to redefy. And with this, she knew and strongly believed that she could prevent others from being the victim through experimenting and facing a similar issue.

Our beliefs

We cannot – and we will not – let stereotypes to just slip away and act like nothing happened, because something DID happen, and it is our responsibility – the responsibility of the young generation – to fix it and change the function of contemporary societies across the world. As much as there’s something to be done and stories untold – through social media – we know that there’s always a way to figure out how to solve the issues.

Everyone and anyone has the right to redefy

If you are interested in joining our cause, please feel free to do so: https://redefysouthkorea.typeform.com/to/bCgKvu

Should there be any questions, reach out to redefy.southkorea@gmail.com


written by Jennifer Ko